Freelance Android developer

Reinier Goltstein

Freelance Android developer / Scrum Master from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
For business enquiries or project proposals you can contact me by phone, email or using the form below.

+31 6 555 06 890


Skills I possess

Languages & frameworks

Native Android developer since 2011.

  • Agile (Certified Scrum Master)
  • Test-driven development
  • Unit testing (Robolectric, Mockito)
  • Integration testing (Espresso, Cucumber, Calabash)
  • Dependency injection (Dagger)
  • Gradle
  • Jenkins
  • Cordova/PhoneGap
    I am available for native plugin development, but I no longer accept Cordova/PhoneGap application development projects.
    Front-end JavaScript development

  • Backbone.js
  • jQuery
  • PHP
    Front-end PHP development

  • CodeIgniter
  • Doctrine
  • About me

    Developing software has been my passion for over 20 years. I take pride in providing well structured, well tested and properly documented code and strive to write code that any developer can effortlessly pick up.

    I especially enjoy working in teams with a consistent focus on self-improvement and delivering business value. I’m a highly critical individual and I’m not afraid to criticize both my own and my team’s performance, suggest improvements and then act upon them; one of the reasons why I became a Certified Scrum Master in 2015. Thanks to my pragmatic approach and my strong background on the intersection of business & technology I’m well capable of providing practical solutions to challenges of a diverse nature.

    Services I provide
    Ship, ship, ship!

    Strong focus on getting things done. I provide frequent updates during the development process, allowing for quicker feedback loops, higher flexibility & better quality.

    Dedicated professional

    Enthusiastic personality and exceptionally dedicated. I’m highly critical and always looking for ways to improve.

    Team player

    I thrive in team-based projects. I love being part of a team, whether it’s a multi-disciplinary or dedicated Android team, remote or on-site. I’ve been part of successful teams in both agile & more traditional environments.

    Process optimization

    Is your app publishing process tedious and cumbersome? Build process automization makes this a thing of the past, automating the whole process from build server through Play Store.

    Code quality

    I take pride in my code and use SonarQubeTM to validate and quantify the quality of my code. I follow best practice guidelines to allow for faster and more flexible development, without running the risk of having to rewrite your application in the future.

    Automated testing

    I take quality assurance very seriously. This is why both unit testing & integration practices are an integral part of my workflow.

    Projects I've worked on

    This is a selection of some of the apps I’ve worked on over the past years.

    These include both projects developed by myself and as part of a team. Click on the projects for more details.

    People I've worked with

    For business enquiries or project proposals you can contact me by phone, email or using the contact form on the right.

    +31 6 555 06 890


    Companies I've worked with